Bachman IT Solutions provides a full suite of data management solutions including transfer, backup, and recovery.

Data Transfer

If you’ve purchased a new computer or simply want data moved between workstations, we can accommodate your needs.

  • Network file transfers.
  • Direct PC to PC file transfer.
  • Transfer via external storage.

Data Backup

Don’t risk losing precious data.  It’s important to have a comprehensive backup strategy, including offsite and/or cloud backups.

  • Risk Mitigation
    • Local backups to protect against risk of drive failure.
    • Off-site and/or Cloud Storage backups to protect against risk of natural disaster or theft.

Data Recovery

Hard drive crashed? Accidentally deleted all of the pictures from your digital camera? Hope might not be lost. We may be able to recover some or all of your lost data.

  • Deleted file recovery.
    • Deleted files an often be recovered, providing the area of disk that previously held the data has not been overwritten.
    • If you’ve accidentally deleted a file, stop using the computer or memory card and contact us immediately for the greatest odds of maximum data recovery.