We have education and experience setting up and installing cabling and jacks for low voltage applications including computer/Ethernet networks, coaxial cabling (antenna, cable, satellite), and home theater applications like speaker wire and A/V cables.

 Ethernet networks

  • CAT5e / CAT6 cable runs.
  • Custom length patch cables.
  • Patch panels.
  • Routers and switches.
  • Wall jacks.

Television Networks

  • RG6 / coaxial cable runs.
  • Custom length coax cables.
  • Splitters, amplifiers and cable distribution.
  • Wall jacks.

Home Theater

  • Connecting A/V equipment-
    • Audio Receivers
    • Blu-ray disc players.
    • Cable/satellite television receivers.
    • Game consoles
    • Home theater PCs and media sharing.
  • HDMI and component cable connections.
  • Speaker wire runs and wall jacks.

IP Camera Setup & Configuration

Whether you’re worried about security or just want an inexpensive baby monitor you can control from your smartphone, we’ve got solutions.

  • Camera hardware recommendations.
  • Configuration and security.
  • Monitoring software.
  • Remote access.