Through a combination of higher education and real-world experience, we have extensive experience in business, information technology, and telecommunications.  Let our expertise work for you.

Areas of Specialized Education & Training

  • Business Applications
  • Communication Technologies
  • Database (SQL)
  • Desktop/Laptop Repair & Maintenance
  • Employee Development & Training
  • Information Assurance / Security
  • Mobile Data Solutions
  • Network Cabling
  • Network Hardware
  • Operating Systems including Windows, MacOS, and Linux
  • PC & Mac Systems
  • PC Security & Configuration
  • Project Management
  • Web Development (HTML/CSS, PHP, ASP.Net)
  • Website Registration and Hosting
  • Wireless Telecommunications

At Bachman IT solutions, we don’t believe that any amount of knowledge is ever enough.  We take pride in continual learning through a combination of higher education, self-placed research, and real-world experience.  The world of Information Technology never stops advancing, and neither do we.