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What’s your disaster recovery plan?

We rely on computers, including tablets and mobile devices, for ever increasing tasks in our lives.  These include personal tasks like storing photos and music, and professional tasks like storing personal and business financial records. My computer for example is full of things like family pictures, tax returns, mortgage documents, and too much else to list in a blog post.

From the years I spent working in wireless telecom, I’ve seen countless individuals devastated when they’ve lost a couple years or more worth of pictures when their Smartphone was lost, or their memory card went bad. These individuals lacked what’s known as a disaster recovery plan.

There are a number of different “disasters” that can strike when it comes to technology, and it’s important to be prepared for each.

Do you know what you would do in each of the following situations?

  • Theft of your computer, mobile device, or both.
  • Hardware failure (Computer hard-drive, Tablet/Smartphone or its memory card, etc.)
  • Burglary of all computing devices in your home.
  • A natural disaster, such as a fire or flood, destroying all of your computing devices.
  • Your data was compromised. (E.g. identity theft)
  • Service is disrupted for an extended period. (Cell phone or Home Internet)

Many users might be prepared for one of these disasters, and think that’s enough. For example, some individuals will back up their pictures and documents to an external hard-drive. That offers protection in the event of a hardware failure, but what about a burglary or natural disaster?

In creating a disaster recovery plan for your home or business, consider the following:

  • If you lose access to all of your equipment, do you have the means to continue working until you can replace it?
  • If you rely on your phone or laptop for business, how long can you afford to be without it?
  • What data do you have that you can’t afford to lose?
    • Think both financial and sentimental loss.
  • How would you recover this data in the event of one or more of the above mentioned disasters?
  • Is your equipment insured against loss, or do you have the financial means to replace it on your own?
  • In the event of an extended service disruption, how long can you afford to be without access?
    • Do you have back-up phone or Internet service?

A comprehensive disaster recovery plan, including automatic remote backups and detailed recovery plans are one of the many services a dedicated Information Technology professional can provide. Do you have a disaster recovery plan of your own? Are there other specific threats you’ve planned for? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.